US CLO Managers (Performance)

US Module premium users will gain access to all basic premium content, as well as to US manager performance reports, including the latest reports on individual investment return performance from large and seasoned US CLO managers. Due to the proprietary research nature of our CLO Premium service, we do not offer free trials. If you’re interested in learning about the pricing for premium content, please don’t hesitate to email me at

US CLO Manager Report: Golub Capital

Golub has managed to sustain its impressive total and MV alpha outperformance against both its peers and the loan index. The manager stands out as one of the best performing managers...

US CLO Manager Report: Anchorage

Maintaining strong interest return alpha without compromising Market Value (MV) return alpha is challenging. Anchorage has excelled in both MV and interest return alpha, an accomplishment that is no small feat.

US CLO Manager Report: Oak Hill Advisors (OHA)

Despite adopting a lower-interest-return strategy, OHA has consistently outperformed its peers in both declining and rising loan market conditions. In recent times, the firm has further extended its lead over competitors, showcasing its effective CLO management approach.

US CLO Manager Report: Elmwood Asset Management

Elmwood has generated impressive above-average total return alpha metrics, as illustrated in the graph above. As of the most recent data point in October 2023, Elmwood stands out as one of the best performing managers, boasting over...

US CLO Manager Report: Ballyrock

Nevertheless, Ballyrock's recent performance has been strong. Since the middle of 2022, the manager has outperformed its peers thanks to the improvement in its MV return alpha.

US CLO Manager Report: Generate Advisors

Generate has generated above-average total return alpha metrics since Jan 2020. Generally speaking, it is not easy to maintain an above-average interest alpha without compromising on the MV return alpha. Despite running a higher interest return strategy, Generate has consistently outperformed its peers in both declining and rising loan markets. More recently, the manager has widened the lead over its peers.

US CLO Manager Report: PGIM

Since late 2021, its alpha performance has trended lower due to the decline in its MV alpha performance. More recently, its MV alpha performance was in line with its peers. Nevertheless, due to its underperformance in interest alpha, as of the latest update...

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