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Comparison of Non-Reset CLO Equity Tranches: US BSL vs EU (Vintage 2017-2020)

US CLOs generally enjoy a competitive edge over their EU counterparts in the realm of equity distributions, primarily due to a more favorable interest rate environment in the U.S. Nevertheless, despite the disadvantage posed by the EU's lower interest rate environment, CLO deals from 2017 and 2018 in the EU display notably better NIM and first distribution metrics. These strong figures effectively offset this drawback, as highlighted by their robust annual distributions.

Assessing the Performance of Equity Tranches in Reset EU CLO Deals (Updated)

For the older vintage deals, the median annual distributions were largely in the 13-15% range. However, the median 2014 and 2015 vintage deals stood out with impressive 14.5-14.9% annual distributions. If the 2014 median equity tranche can be sold at a price of EUR 34, then the primary equity investor would achieve the target 12.0% IRR over an 8.7-year period, assuming an issue price of EUR 95.

Assessing the Performance of Equity Tranches in Reset US CLO Deals (Updated)

In essence, resetting a deal extends the total reinvestment period, which is positive from an equity standpoint. If a CLO deal can generate an annual equity distribution of 13–14 points over a period of 8–11 years, its equity is likely to perform reasonably well, even if its final equity NAV is poor. It’s worth noting that most of the seasoned reset deals were active during a period of very low-interest rates.