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Top-Performing US CLO Managers: Equity Cumulative Distributions and NAV (Updated)

The table below shows the top-performing managers with the most 2013–2019 deals that are in the 90th percentile category. Notably, CSAM stood out as the most successful and consistent manager in delivering good returns to equity investors. Other successful managers include Oak Hill Advisors, KKR Financial Advisors, Goldentree Asset Management, Neuberger Berman, Generate Advisors, Fortress Investment Group, and Anchorage Capital Group.

Scoring EU CLO Managers Based on 2021 Vintage Deal Performance

This study includes a sample of 93 more recent deals (closed in 2021 and Jan 2022) managed by 46 managers, using the Morningstar European B Ratings Loan Index as the benchmark loan index. The table below illustrates the relative standing of each EU CLO manager based on their latest average total alpha metrics (as of 26th June 2023) . A score of 98%, for instance, indicates that the manager’s total return alpha is at the 98th percentile, meaning their total return alpha metric exceeds that of 98% of their peers.

Comparing the Performance of Seasoned US BSL and EU CLO Equity Tranches

Discover the main disparities between the seasoned US BSL and EU CLO equity tranches in relation to annual distributions and final equity net asset value (NAV) realisation values necessary to achieve a 12.0% internal rate of return (IRR) target. Explore the reasons why median EU CLO equity tranches have shown higher annual distributions compared to their US equivalents.

Monitor: US BSL CLO New Issue Arb Trend

The arbitrage metric for new-issue US CLOs has remained largely rangebound. As of February 16, 2024, the latest metric stood at 214 basis points (bps), slightly lower than the median metric for 2023 deals. Another notable observation is the loan index's moving 4-week average discounted spreads, which have stayed remarkably flat over the past five weeks!

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US CLOs: Median MVOC and Equity NAV by Vintage

It is interesting to note that the median US CLO equity NAV metrics by vintage have remained largely unchanged from one month ago, set against the backdrop of a very flat loan market, as illustrated in the graph below. In addition, it is observed that the median equity NAV from the 2018 vintage appears to be relatively low.


2022 Vintage EU CLO Achieves New High with Stunning IRR

In essence, this deal functioned as a classic principal-driven CLO, aiming to generate returns primarily through asset price appreciation rather than ongoing income. This strategy effectively capitalized on market volatility, leading the deal to perform as expected as the loan market rallied.

EU CLO Managers (Performance)

EU CLO Manager Report: Blackrock

Throughout 2020 and 2021, Blackrock demonstrated resilience in its total performance. It consistently outperformed the loan index from January 2020 to July 2022, with the exception of April/May 2020. However, the firm’s performance began to decline from mid-2022, as its MV alpha decreased more significantly than that of its peers.