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CLO Market Musings: AAA Spreads Increasingly Appear Wide Relative to Historical Trends

As shown in the graph in this freemium article, with the 4-week moving average loan spread now firmly staying below the 400 bps mark, the current top-tier US BSL CLO AAA print increasingly appears cheap relative to historical prints. If you’re an investor in the CLO market, we would like to invite you to register with us using your business email address to gain free access to our freemium content.

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CLO Market Musings: New Issue BB Pricing

Recent primary CLO and reset prints at the BB level suggest that demand for BB is very strong. Anecdotally, it appears that numerous investors in the market have a preference for the risk-return ratio of the BB tranche. The carry is solid, and the BB tranche has demonstrated resilience across various credit cycles.