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Alpha Performance of US BSL CLO Managers with Top-Tier AAA Prints

Managers with top-tier AAA spreads of 150 bps or tighter, based on median metrics, have consistently outperformed both the industry’s average and median alpha performance. Year-to-date, managers who have achieved AAA spreads of 150 bps or tighter include Blackstone, Blackrock, CIFC, Goldentree, Octagon, Ares, NB, PGIM, CVC, Oah Hill, Palmer Square, Elmwood, and Allstate.

Basic Premium

US CLO Managers Add Value, But Only Marginally

Notably, since late 2020, US CLO managers have, on average, been adding value for their investors. This trend is illustrated by the blue line in the chart, which remains in positive territory. The annualized total return alpha since inception reached its peak around October 2021. This suggests that, on average, US CLO managers tend to add more value during particularly robust market periods. It is important to note, however, that the chart is based on averages. Nevertheless, there are managers who consistently add value in both weak and strong markets.