Why CLO Research Group

CLO Research Group, a pioneer in the sphere of independent online CLO research, is dedicated to delivering original, thoughtful, and high-quality research. Subscribers to our research content comprise some of the foremost credit managers in their respective fields.

The company’s commitment is grounded in providing impartial, first-hand research, meticulously tailored to meet the needs of our subscribers. This includes our unique CLO manager scoring system, which is grounded in actual relative return performance rather than merely depending on deal metrics.

Bespoke offerings starting from £500/month are now available to fit your budget.

Subscribers can choose from Basic Premium, Basic Premium with the US Module, Basic Premium with the EU Module, or Basic Premium with both US and EU Modules. If you’re interested in learning about the pricing for premium content, please don’t hesitate to email info@clopremium.co.uk.

We’re proud of the impact our research makes, evidenced by the positive feedback we receive.

“Poh-Heng’s way of benchmarking and analyzing collateral performance should be an integral part of every serious manager selection process. The research is a useful input for everything from manager style analysis and performance attribution to cash flow modelling.”

Carl Nordahl, Ymer SC AB (September 2022)

“CLO Research provides a truly unique and differentiated research product for CLO manager performance that is highly complementary and additive to sell-side CLO research. The data and analysis provided by CLO Research have helped us tremendously in our CLO manager review process.”

John Eanes, Co-CEO, Irradiant Partners (July 2021)

“Poh-Heng was our CLO manager when he was at GSO. He has always been detailed in his research and due diligence, transparent, and open with investors. He has been a pleasure to work with, and we still seek his opinion on CLO-related matters.”

Roy Kuo, Church Commissioners for England (June 2021)

Our research is designed to be clear and concise, presenting key insights in a way that is easily understood and applied by our subscribers. We understand that the CLO world can be complex and overwhelming, which is why we are committed to providing information that is unbiased, independent and useful.

CLO managers can use our research data to benchmark themselves against the market and their peers and gain insight into how their peers are performing.

For CLO investors, we demonstrate how their managers’ investment return performance (including performance attribution) compares to the loan market. We track their return performance and style drift over time, highlighting the significant divergence in managers’ performance. Some CLO managers consistently add value in both weak and strong markets. Some excel in both the annualized Market Value (MV) and interest return alpha, measured since inception. CLO equity investors typically appreciate managers who achieve this dual success. In contrast, CLO debt investors are generally content with outperformance in just the MV return alpha.

Comprehending a CLO manager’s performance is also pivotal for AAA CLO investors as it permits them to formulate opinions on the manager’s future CLO issuance prospects, which can markedly impact the manager’s platform. The additional concern of potential downgrades makes choosing the right manager even more crucial for AAA investors.

Our research empowers investors to gain deep insights into manager performance and stay ahead of the curve in this evolving market. Additionally, our CLO manager rankings based on post-reinvestment prepayment rates offer valuable data for both senior and junior debt investors.

The underlying collateral performance is the cornerstone of a CLO’s health. While CLO managers are entrusted with actively managing the loan portfolio for a fee of 40-45 bps p.a., their true success ultimately hinges on the performance of those underlying assets. Therefore, closely tracking both manager performance and underlying collateral performance is crucial for investors, with the latter serving as the ultimate litmus test.

Due to the proprietary research nature of our CLO Premium service, we do not offer free trials.

However, if you are an investor in the CLO market, we would like to invite you to register with us using your business email address in order to gain access to our freemium service (subject to approval). Our freemium service is designed to provide you with a glimpse into the value of our premium content and help you gain valuable insights and perspectives in a complex and dynamic market.

For more information on premium subscription options, please do not hesitate to email info@clopremium.co.uk.

We look forward to serving you while you navigate this dynamic market.